As networks continue to evolve and business’ streamline operations, there is an inherent need to have a solution that meets these demands today, tomorrow and into the future.


CommTel’s OSS (Operational Support System) solution becomes your main control point by consolidating lower level element management data into a single pane of glass view, centralising, simplifying and optimising the overall management of the network.


Supporting multi-vendor contemporary and legacy equipment, our OSS is designed around automation, intelligence and full lifecycle management to deliver a unified experience.


With over 50+ 3rd party integrations from the worlds leading equipment vendors, the CommTel OSS unifies operation of networks, providing the support to the next generation of devices, services and drive future demand, whilst delivering increased business efficiencies and value.


Meet the CommTel OSS.

CNMS-NG is a vendor-independent NMS platform which delivers a consolidated network view, managing devices across a breadth of vendors and technologies

Operating and maintaining communication networks has become increasingly complex, leading to new challenges, including:

• The need to plan, operate and manage all the networks and devices separately

• The need to manage multiple vendor software systems

• Running a complex operating centre requiring multiple screens to view all networks and devices

• Increased OPEX in maintaining multiple software solutions and associated training


As a result, network owners and operators are seeking to consolidate their management platforms.

What is CNMS-NG?

CNMS-NG is a vendor-independent NMS platform which delivers a consolidated network view. It manages devices across a breadth of vendors including Cisco, Juniper, Avara Technologies, Nokia, Coriant, Ericsson, DNWP, Ceragon, DragonWave, Alcatel, MOXA, RUGGEDCOM and technologies such as Radio, PDH, SDH, DWDM, Ethernet and IP/MPLS.


As a consolidated platform, CNMS-NG provides operators with the following technical and financial benefits:

• Integration with other operational software solutions

• Centralised configuration management for all network devices

• IP service provisioning across equipment from multiple vendors

• Reduction in the number of software systems required to manage the entire network

CNMS-NG Features

• Fault management

CNMS-NG's Assurance Solution delivers powerful and flexible tools for network operators to monitor the health of their network and the services they are delivering.


• Performance management

Built-in monitors accurately collect and analyse real-time performance metrics, providing current and past performance. Performance indicators are displayed in graphical dashboards views.


• Inventory management

Deep Inventory Discovery enables physical device discovery at the chassis, PIC/card and port level, as well as logical discovery of sub-interfaces. CNMS-NG also offers link discovery, ensuring accuracy over time through periodic synchronisation of the environment.


• Configuration management

CNMS-NG launches device-specific node managers, and can discover device configuration. The history of configuration changes is stored, with changes between versions highlighted for ease of analysis. Change notifications can also be enabled, so that operations staff will be notified in the event that a device configuration is changed.


• Device Driver Factory

The CNMS-NG Device Driver Factory provides the ability to create customised device drivers without having to write software code. Device Drivers created with the Device Driver Factory let CNMS-NG users discover network elements, show the condition of and report on their status, as well as the configuration of each device.


• Integration with third party software solutions

CNMS-NG’s built-in interfaces allow integration with a range of business systems, thereby enhancing automation and improving operational efficiency. Typical integrations include:


• Physical asset management

• Network planning

• Trouble ticketing

• Project management and resource planning

• Other network management platforms

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