We believe in conducting business ethically, with integrity and good corporate governance wherever we do business. We also strive to positively affect and contribute to the global community of customers, partners, employees, emerging markets and areas in need.

Responsible choices in our operations

CommTel subscribes to the United Nations Global Compact’s 10 principles. We uphold these principles, which relate to labour laws, health and safety, the environment and anti-corruption. In order for CommTel to uphold its nominated principles, we have to ensure all workers (including but not limited to contractors, sub-contractors, agents) and the supply chain adhere to them too.


A responsible choice for the environment

CommTel's most significant impact on the environment is through our products and services. Therefore, we aim to reduce energy consumption and resource depletion by creating energy-efficient products with long lifetimes that help businesses and governments increase productivity and operate efficiently. We believe that good environmental management is the hallmark of modern business. Employees and contractors must also comply with the relevant environmental workplace practices.

Operations Management

CommTel operates integrated Management Systems covering Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Information Security, which are certified to the highest international standards.


Our management systems have been certified by a third-party certification body against ISO and national standards. The ISO standard, is an internationally recognised set of requirements and measurements, commonly accepted as best practices for effective management systems.


Having been certified to these relevant standards, it shows that CommTel have established proven controls, processes, and procedures in place, ensuring that we can meet our customers’ needs and expectations when working with customers.


Delivering an outstanding customer experience, all-the-time and everywhere, encompasses the following fundamental


  • We view quality through the eyes of our customers
  • We create remarkable customer experiences through exceptional people, products and services
  • We drive improvement through focus, measurement and accountability


CommTel’s comprehensive and proactive quality management system is evident at all levels of the organisation.


Our quality management system has been certified by a SAI Global against the ISO 9001 standard.

Health and Safety

CommTel strives for excellence in health and safety management. Our management systems provide the framework to help identify and minimise potential hazards, risks and anything that adversely affects our employees, communities, environment and resources.


CommTel is committed to:

  • Complying with applicable environmental, health, safety and security laws, and to meet customer and community needs and expectations
  • Identifying and assessing opportunities to reduce workplace hazards and risks
  • Promoting employee involvement at every level of the organisation
  • Monitoring performance for continual improvement
  • Providing the appropriate resources to honour our commitments


Our Health and Safety Management System has been certified by a SAI Global against the AS4801/OHSAS18001 standards.


CommTel is committed to conducting business in an environmentally aware and responsible manner. In order to ensure that our practices are conducted with minimal environmental impact, we work in close cooperation with our business partners to achieve this. We continually look to improve where possible.


CommTel actively takes part in the following:

  • Assess eco footprint to identify impacts and move towards more sustainable practices
  • Identify waste streams and options for more effective waste management
  • Use its objectives and targets to continually improve its environmental
  • performance
  • Setting and reviewing objectives and targets
  • Seek appropriate licenses/permits from Environmental Protection Authorities.
  • Improve education/awareness
  • Notify relevant authorities in the event of a major environmental impact


We are progressing towards the independent certification of our system to ISO 14001 standard.

Information Security

CommTel is well aware of the importance of Network and Information security and has implemented a framework to pro-actively manage security risks. As the increasing flow of information grows globally, there is an important need to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.


Given our involvement in the design, integration, construction and support of our customer’s networks, we have in place systems and processes to:

  • Consider security as part of our design process
  • Manage security of our physical and virtual facilities
  • Assess and monitor the suitability and behaviour of employees
  • Assess the security characteristics of our products, software and partners


Our Security Management System has been certified by a SAI Global against the ISO 27001 standards.


CommTel has been fully certified and registered with Achilles for the supply of products and services in the UVDB, APU SMS and FPS categories in Europe and Asia Pacific.




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