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The increasing demand for interconnectivity in today's world, inevitably creates cyber risks for your business. The security and integrity of your Mission or Business Critical infrastructure is under increasingly sophisticated threat and immediate action is required to protect your assets. With in-depth knowledge of your infrastructure, extensive industry experience and our security DNA, CommTel understands the potential consequences of these threats to your critical infrastructure.


Our approach combines state of the art technologies and business processes to provide you with secure solutions that combat cyber risks. Our integrated professional security services and end-to-end automated solutions enable your business to ensure the safety, availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your mission critical and business critical environments.










of companies have experienced one or more successful attacks compromising their networksª

of those attacks utilised exploits or file-less techniques to compromise the networks security

predicted annual cost of cyber-crime damage to data and infrastructure by 2021

predicted annual cost of successful cyber attacks and damage in 2018

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ª 'Opinion' Top 5 cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2018 - Jan 23 2018

protecting your assets

Having the correct framework in place to quickly respond to active threats is the key to effective cybersecurity. CommTel's security DNA offers a bespoke solution of services and technologies tailored to your specific requirements.


Our solutions assist your organisation with the implementation and management of preventive, detective and corrective security controls to defend your environment against cyber threats.

professional security services

Our professional security services help your business to pro-actively identify the cyber risks, assist in establishing the security baseline of  your infrastructure and build a cybersecurity roadmap through collaboration with our  partners to ensure your security technologies are appropriately integrated in a way that meet your business needs.


We offer a suite of professional services from Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, to Architecture Review, Design + Build Services and Consulting & Advisory Services.

With the ever growing cyber threat landscape and sophisticated threat vectors, no business is fully protected from cyber-attacks. An important step in implementing security controls for your critical infrastructure is testing them to see if they would hold up against a cyber-attack.


Testing your critical environments, including all networks, platforms, applications and SCADA systems is imperative to ensure control transparency across your infrastructure. Penetration Testing is the most effective method of understanding the high risk domains which can impact your business continuity, your partners, your clients and your brand legally and financially.


Levering our 20+ years’ expertise in building and managing secure networks and systems, CommTel have built a Penetration Testing Program which enables you to mitigate your cyber risks.


Our program detects and tests vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and provides comprehensive reporting, outlining the steps towards remediation and how to plug the identified gaps.

Network infrastructure is continually changing.  Current technologies and integration requirements are introducing new vulnerabilities and attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. As a result, the security strategy you had in the past may not be effective today.  The challenge is to understand the complete threat landscape and threat vectors first, before defining the strategy to protect your business.


The Security Assessment is an essential element of your cybersecurity strategy which helps you to overcome this challenge by identifying the attack surface & blind spots, knowing potential entry points to your network systems and undertaking a detailed gap analysis. This then assists you in defining the cybersecurity roadmap for your organisation.


CommTel's Security Assessment Service provides a highly customised analysis of your infrastructure, highlighting threat analysis within your IT & OT environments and covering levels 0-5 in the Purdue Reference Model.


We take a holistic view of your network and associated infrastructure, providing analysis of the implemented controls, identifying the system vulnerabilities, and providing technical reporting containing recommendations to mitigate actual and potential threats. This assessment can be done on a live network, with no disruptions to your critical infrastructure.

To ensure your business strategy is closely aligned with your IT/OT infrastructure security, you need an Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA). This architecture requires regular review and update as threats continually evolve and become more sophisticated.


Our Security Architecture Review deep dives into your security architecture covering business and security strategy, policy, processes and implemented controls. Focusing on your entire infrastructure (IT & OT), we provide a comprehensive detailed review of your architecture and provide reporting containing recommendations on how to mitigate threats.


Conducting a complete review not only enables a full snapshot of your current security posture, but outlines your inventory of software and hardware and assesses your network information, assessing and identifying all known and unknown entry points, back doors and weaknesses which can potentially be exploited.


We can also provide a practical roadmap, outlining how to effectively implement security controls to protect your critical infrastructure.

As with any journey, having the right partner by your side is critical for success. Our experienced security advisors can work collaboratively with all levels of your organisation, establishing a trusted partnership and helping you to keep your business secure and resilient.


Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience in mission and business critical infrastructure and state of the art technologies from our global partners, we can assist in developing a mature security model to fit seamlessly within your organisation. With our Cybersecurity Advisory Service we can provide you with:


• Cybersecurity strategy, roadmap, framework, security policy and


• Risk management and assessment

• Internal and external audits

• Compliance and regulatory requirements

• Cybersecurity assurance

• Security advice on latest technology implementation

• Security training and awareness programs

Penetration Testing

Security Assessment

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Design + Build

Architecture Review

Consulting & Advisory

As with any infrastructure project, the build and deployment of commercial off the shelf (COTS) cybersecurity products might sound straight forward, however 99% of the time they won't serve their intended purpose. Implementing these products in silos may look good for compliance purposes but won't serve as a great investment for your business.


We understand that network infrastructure is complex and no two networks are ever the same. CommTel delivers a fully integrated security solution, which covers your Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and is tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation.


We provide:

• Design & Implementation of End Point Security Solutions

• Design, Installation and Configuration of Network Security


• Design, Installation and Configuration of Security Information and

   Event Management (SIEM)

• Integration of SIEM, Vulnerability Scanner and Security Appliances

• Highly customised single pane of glass Dashboards for Security

  Operations Centre (SOC)

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managed security services

Recent cyber-attacks have demonstrated that attackers have the capability to bypass preventive and detective controls to gain access to your Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks including SCADA systems, engineering workstations, historians and other platforms. These attacks not only disrupt business operations, they can also introduce critical risks to the safety of human lives as well as having a significant financial impact.


To ensure the safety, availability, integrity and confidentiality of your assets, you must lay a concrete foundation of cybersecurity operations for your networks and systems.  CommTel Managed Security Services can enable you to establish this foundation through the CommTel Cybersecurity Suite which provides real time 360⁰ visibility of your inventory and detailed reporting and alerts on identified vulnerabilities, as well as deep analysis of any anomalies and a proactive patch management program, whilst also enabling you to achieve compliance.


We have developed our CommTel Cybersecurity Suite by leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience in mission and business critical infrastructure, as well as providing state of the art technologies including artificial intelligence, mathematical analytics and machine learning algorithms.

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Real time monitoring

CommTel Cybersecurity Suite continuously scans your network in real time to discover your complete inventory and delivers a holistic view of all assets and their associated network events. As the threat landscape changes, our solution will help you maintain pace with this change through maintaining a live real time view of your assets.

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Vulnerability Management

With the introduction of TCP/IP into Operation Technology (OT) systems, traditional IT environment vulnerabilities have also been inherited. This increases the requirement to continuously monitor and assess your infrastructure, and also to continuously manage and remediate the identified vulnerabilities.


The CommTel Cybersecurity Suite provides you with a view of the entire threat landscape in your environment. Our CommTel Cybersecurity Suite continuously monitors, assesses and reports on vulnerabilities and the CommTel Team works closely with your technical teams, vendors and partners to remediate these vulnerabilities.

Compliance + Certification

In operating a mission or business critical environment, it's important that the systems conform to the applicable compliances and certifications. The implementation of additional layers of security controls and processes for compliance and regulatory enforcement consumes considerable company resources and can impact the primary business operations.


We understand these challenges and have an established sector-specific compliance capability, enabling the IT, OT, ICS and SCADA environments to achieve the desired compliance and certifications. Our managed compliance service ensures minimal impact to your business operations, whilst also reducing business risk and increasing the availability of your infrastructure.


 Through our CommTel Cybersecurity Suite, we provide a single pane of glass view with customised integrated dashboards covering complete inventory, architecture and policies which can be used to actively monitor compliance by providing real time information, alerts, network events, historical notes and documentation.


Our managed compliance service assists your business in achieving compliance with a diverse range of global and local best practice frameworks and regulatory standards, including:

Anomaly detection

With attacks becoming more sophisticated, understanding these new threats and how to act is crucial to defending your infrastructure.  Our CommTel Cybersecurity Suite delivers an anomaly detection capability which detects sophisticated threats at very early stage, before any breach to your infrastructure occurs.


With its self-learning capability, the platform will learn the environment of the enterprise Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) network infrastructure, enabling it to detect anomalous behaviour in real time.

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Patch Management

Patching in the Operation Technology (OT) environment brings a unique set of challenges, often contrasting patching in the IT environment. As soon as the CommTel Cybersecurity Suite discovers any new vulnerabilities, the CommTel Team proactively works closely with all the technical teams, vendors and partners to patch these vulnerabilities to ensure your environment stays secure.


Patching often requires a restart of the device, testing and correlation of new patches, and then the deployment of the patch within your infrastructure. This can be a very time consuming and critical exercise, and can be a complex and risky activity in a live network. Our Patch Management Platform (PMP) as a managed security service addresses the need for software patching requirements in the IT, OT, ICS and SCADA infrastructure environments. CommTel Patching Managed Services provides you with protection for your mission and business critical infrastructure, whilst ensuring your system software remains current.

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Having the correct controls implemented within your mission and business critical infrastructure is one thing, having the ability to report on those controls in real-time is another.


The CommTel Cybersecurity suite of managed security services provides highly customised and automated reporting functionality to meet the specific reporting requirements of all stakeholders in your organisation. We provide security compliance reports in a diverse range of formats and contents. Reports are based on incidents, compliance matrix, threat summary, events logs and risk priorities and severities, as defined by technical teams, management and C-suite executives.

  • NIST
  • ISO27000 series
  • ISA99/IEC 62443
  • SANS CWE Top 25
  • OWASP Top 10
  • ASD’s ISM & Essential Eight
  • Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme Preparing
  • NIS Directives
  • GDPR

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our partnerships

With 20+ years of experience in designing and building advanced mission and business critical networks, we understand that maintaining the safety, availability, integrity and confidentiality of your network infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. Together with our global partners, we provide you with innovative solutions that are tailored for your requirements.

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