CommTel offers flexible multi-technology and multi-vendor support services. We take an end-to-end view of networks, helping you to resolve issues quickly and completely. Our unparalleled expertise in building and supporting critical communications infrastructure gives CommTel the experience to solve your network problems

As industries evolve and competition increases, a stable, efficient and effective network infrastructure becomes increasingly critical to the success of your business. From the planning and development of network architecture, to the identification and resolution of issues, CommTel is here to help.


CommTel provides end-to-end support for networks built with multiple vendors’ equipment and technologies. When implementing new technologies or making network changes, operations and maintenance staff face increasingly greater challenges to deliver improved services.

Technical Phone Support

Australia Toll Free

1800 99 78 76

New Zealand Toll Free

0800 44 41 10

Europe, Middle East Support

+44 1733 294 556

24/7 Technical Support

Our 24/7 ServiceDesk uses an advanced case management tool. This tool records and tracks the progress of all cases raised. It is housed in a highly secure environment, and via a secure login, which allows you full visibility of all your cases. Using ServiceDesk, you can raise cases directly, view the progress of individual cases, and review the resolutions of those that are closed.



  • On-site and remote support
  • Equipment repair service
  • Advanced replacement spares shipped to your door
  • Software support with updates and roll-outs
  • System audits to detect and prevent system issues
  • Formal and informal training options for your technical staff


On-site and remote support

CommTel offers both on-site and remote support. Wherever possible and under strict security protocols, we will arrange remote network access to facilitate fault diagnosis and resolution, according to well-defined service level agreements. We also provide you with regular updates on the status of your case and the estimated resolution time.


Software support

Managing network software is a complex, time-consuming process, with dozens of vendors releasing updates (patches and fixes) and upgrades (new functions) several times a year.


CommTel not only runs a complete software update service, we also test updates from vendors to ensure that it is compatible for your network.


If you need assistance with software upgrades and roll-outs, our ServiceDesk team can help. We provide instructions for the installation and operation of any products that we provide. If required, we can arrange for an on-site support team to assist with the installation.

Warranty and Repairs

CommTel has ongoing support agreements with all our vendors. We have direct access to authorised repair facilities for each of these vendors. Each repair is tracked via a CommTel RMA number. Repairs are contracted with our vendors to ensure your equipment is returned to full working status within reasonable turnaround times.


Advanced replacement spares

As a part of our Technical Support Agreement, CommTel can hold a stock of replacement parts for your network. If you contact us to report a fault, we have the ability to ship a replacement unit on the next business day to replenish your depleted spares holding. This approach allows you to minimise your capital investment in spares, while retaining the ability to respond immediately to equipment faults.

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