Rapid Site Solution (RSS) is an innovative and advanced solution for the deployment of complete communications infrastructure to remote and isolated areas, where high availability communications are critical.

The RSS is suitable for remote sites, high fire zones, mountain sides and cyclone regions. It is built from the ground up to deliver high performance in extremely harsh and demanding environments.


The RSS is a compact site incorporating equipment racks, power system, batteries, air conditioning, generator, solar system and tower or monopole, in a single managed entity.


Deployment is straightforward with steel sub-structure assemblies minimising

ground disturbance, and concrete or steel piers extending the height of the site in flood prone areas.


Where space is limited the solar array can be mounted on the roof of the structure to minimise the shelter footprint and the panels are pre-cabled prior to site delivery to improve quality, consistency and reduce installation risk and time on-site.

Survivability in Extreme Conditions

Flexibility and customisation is a key feature of the RSS product, with multiple applications and models available.

Different configurations of the RSS can be designed and built to customer specifications due to the unique modular design of the product, and the Australian based engineering teams.


Smaller, smarter and scalable designs can be used for Radio Base Station hubs, power generation sites, LTE infill or other applications thanks to its unique modular design.


Site survivability through added fire protection, allowing RSS assets to  withstand fires with minimal damage, and resume normal operation after a fire has passed.


Various BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) shelters are available from BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ.

The containerised solution allows for rapid installation and commissioning, as all major systems can be pre-installed and integrated off-site, which in turn saves time, cost and reduces risk on site.


This also enables the rapid deployment of new supporting or replacement infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster such as fire, floods or earthquakes.


Built in accordance with AS3958:2009 Standards and CommTel’s own quality control systems, the structure is designed for the protection of critical equipment and infrastructure in times of emergency.

BAL Rating Scale


Direct exposure to flames, embers and 40kw/m2 heat flux.


Increased level of embers and up to 40kw/m2 heat flux, debris ignition


Increasing level of embers, ignition of debris, up to 29kw/m2 heat flux


Increasing level of embers, ignition of debris, up to 19kw/m2 heat flux


Ember attack, up to 12.5kw/m2 heat flux


There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements

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Hardened Application

Remote and isolated locations pose major challenges when installing infrastructure. From fire and flood zones to the tops of mountains, the environment can be unforgiving and difficult to access.

Designed and built for extreme conditions, the RSS can be installed into isolated or remote areas, where access is limited or restricted.


RSS’s compact footprint and containerised solution with all major systems pre-installed, delivers a fully commissioned communications site within days, not weeks.


With its innovative use of above

ground substructures to support containers, towers, and/or monopoles, ground disturbance is minimised, allowing

for low environmental impact and low

rehabilitation cost if decommissioning or relocation is required, as is the case in mining applications.

Once installed, ongoing maintenance is minimal, through using renewable energy sources, robust equipment with extended run times and remote monitoring with the RSS SmartShelter control core system.


Sites can be easily transported, relocated and reused over the 25+ year product life.


RSS pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge design, with solutions that minimise environmental impact

100% Renewable Energy Generation options (Wind, Solar, Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

Pre-assembled, containerised solution allowing for minimal site works.)

100% Recyclable Materials used in construction of the RSS

Suitable for extreme Conditions (BAL Rated, Flood Areas, Extreme Weather Conditions)

Steel sub-structure minimises ground disturbance, reducing environmental/heritage impact.

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The Rapid Site Solution represents the next generation of prefabricated radio base station designs.

RSS SuperSite

RSS HubSite

RSS CompactSite

RSS SuperSite is dimensioned for high capacity applications that require considerable power generation and equipment installation.

RSS HubSite accommodates most standard site requirements with space for back-up batteries and a segregated diesel/hybrid power system for medium sizes RBS sites with a 60m integrated tower.

RSS CompactSite is designed to accommodate medium RBS site requirements with a smaller 20 to 40 metre structure requiring a small footprint.

RSS SingleSite

RSS MicroSite

RSS PowertSite

RSS SingleSite is designed for small RBS or repeater sites. It accommodates all the essential elements required for a fully autonomous solar hybrid site with high power capacity, rapid deployment and up to 20 metre monopole.

RSS MicroSite replaces trailers and skids in situations where a more robust small site is required with a 5 to 12 metre structure. It is used for LTE and TETRA infill and can be easily relocated.

RSS PowerSite delivers a robust and cost effective approach to equipment housing for small optical fibre sites or power upgrades to existing radio base stations.

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